Socute the Corgi

Adventure, Comedy, Slice-of-life

Socute the Corgi is an all-ages comic series about a brave and fun-loving corgi dog. The title is released in the comic floppy format, with each issue being 24 pages and in full color.

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In issue 1, Socute takes a walk in the park with his owner, Cassie. Somehow, Socute gets lost in the more forested areas of the park. How will brave little Socute find his way home?

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In the 2nd issue, Socute and Cassie spends the weekend at home having fun. All is well until there is a stranger at the door. Cassie thinks it’s ok to let the stranger into their home but Socute thinks otherwise. There’s just something not quite right with the stranger…

To find out what happens, you can purchase the digital pdf comic via Comixology.

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In the 3rd issue, Socute is having a good time hanging out with Cassie until he spots a stray cat wandering in their backyard. What will happen when Socute confronts the stray?

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In the 4th issue, Socute visits a newly opened dog park. There, he makes new friends and is eager to play when a different looking dog shows up at the park…
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In the 5th issue, Socute wakes up to find Cassie missing. Naturally, he goes searching for her in the house and stumbles upon a handkechief that stirs up memories of his life before meeting Cassie.

A special heartwarming issue about responsible pet ownership.

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