Teens, Young Adult
Gaming, Fantasy, School life

A comic series by creator Derek Chua, about a group of role-playing gamers and their misadventures in game and in life.

The digital versions of the comic series can be purchased via Comixology.


You can support the production of this on-going series via Patreon.



#1 A New Member Joins The Party!
A group of college boys find their world taking a dramatic turn when a pretty girl joins them in their tabletop role-playing game (RPG) session.


#2 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Cassie brings along a friend, Sally, to join the boys’ game. Little does she know, Sally and Elliot don’t exactly see eye to eye and their conflict threatens to break up the newly formed group.


#3 Lights, Camera, Cosplay!
The 3rd issue of the Roleplayers comic series! A cosplay special issue.
It’s convention season again and the roleplayers are attending a cosplay event as cosplayers! Everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves until Cassie encounters a bullying incident. Will Cassie be able to call out on the bully with the aid of her friends?


#4 Saboteur! Betrayal Within the Ranks
Following the weekend cosplay event, Cassie is approached by her classmate, Lance, who happens to be a gamer himself, eager to join the Roleplayers and their game. Everything seems to be in order but beneath Lance’s facade of a friendly and invested roleplay gamer, lies a deceptive and manipulative saboteur with ulterior motives that threaten to ruin the roleplayers’ campaign entirely!


#5 Best game ever. Probably…
The 5th issue of the Roleplayers comic series!
This is it. The final showdown between the Roleplayers and Lance.
Pitting their wits and luck against one another, a historic battle is set in motion as Cassandra the cleric, Sylvia the druid, Barbie the barbarian and Gwen the giant spider mount their final assault against Abidah the warlock and her demonic horde.

Will the heroines prevail or will the warlock succeed in her evil schemes?
Read on as the roleplayers settle their dispute roleplay style.
Whatever happens on the table, stays ermm… on the table?

Find out what happens in Roleplayers #5!

RP_06_pg00 copy


#6 A New Campaign
Back from their showdown against Lance, the Roleplayers are here to continue their adventure in the land of Fandasi! Decked in new gear, armor and equipment, a new campaign awaits our players and their counterpart characters. What treachery and danger awaits the heroines of Stilbarn?

Find out in Roleplayers #6!

DD_07_pg00 copy

#7 The Adventure Goes On!

A new adventure, a new campaign. the Roleplayers march on to face a new imaginary enemy… the vicious and mysterious Drokka! How will the players handle these new enemies that threaten the security of Stilbarn city?

Find out in Roleplayers #7!

DD_08_pg00 copy

#8 Playing Cupid

So Sally has spilled the beans on Elliot’s crush on Cassie. Matters of the heart can be really problematic and not to mention, awkward among friends. Boy-girl relationships. It’s complicated. Will things work out in the end?

Find out in Roleplayers #8!

DD_09_pg00 copy

#9 Now This Was Unexpected

Things seem to have gone well for Elliot and Cassie. But events in the game appear to have taken a bad turn. Well, you know what they say? You win some, you lose some.

Or perhaps it’s a little too early to say, both for the budding relationship and the game…

Find out in Roleplayers #9!

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The digital versions of the comic series can be purchased via Comixology.


You can support the production of this on-going series via Patreon.



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