Submissions are open now from 15 Oct 2016 to 15 Dec 2016.

Thank you for all your entries. We will begin our review process and get back to all accepted entries before 20 Dec 2016. Please understand that due to the volume of submissions, we may not be able to get back to everyone who submitted. Do not be discouraged if your work isn’t selected. Keep going and keep making comics. We wish everyone happy holidays.

Submissions are now closed.
Read the online anthology here.

Thank you for your continued interest in our anthology.
We have completed our review process and contributors whose submissions are accepted have been notified. We have plans to release PITCH in March 2017 to read for free online. Updates and announcements will be made as we move forward. We look forward to your support and readership. Thank you and we wish you a great day!

Calling all writers. This anthology is catered primarily to you. We are looking for submissions of comic scripts. No art is required. Read on to find out more.

We are looking to grow our catalogue of comic titles, as well as collaborate with creators and connect with readers from all over the world. Ideas are a dime a dozen. The key is in the execution. Executing an idea can be difficult and time consuming. We want to streamline that process and make it easier for creators to see their ideas realised and prove their concept. How do we pick the right idea to pour our resources, time and efforts into? We believe PITCH is the answer.


PITCH is a compilation of 5 concepts condensed into 5 short 12-page comic stories, presented in a graphic novel anthology format. We are now looking for script submissions from writers to compile our first comic anthology.

Are you a writer who just started out and want to try out in a graphic novel anthology?

Are you a writer with a concept that you will like to see realised in visual form as a comic?

Do you have stories and characters that you are excited to bring to life in comic form?

If you’ve always had ideas that you believe are good and that the world should enjoy but lack the necessary resources or expertise to assemble an art team to produce your ideas in comic form, we invite you to submit your concepts to the PITCH anthology.

We will produce five 12-page comics based on five accepted script submissions.

We accept submissions from all genres, except for pornography. Erotica is accepted.

Vampires vs werewolves? Sure thing! Superhero story with a twist? Sure, why not? A romantic comedy? Bring it on! An epic science fiction space opera spanning universes in this lifetime and beyond? As long as you can condense it to a 12 page comic story, YES!

These comics go on to be compiled into the graphic novel anthology, PITCH.

The anthology will be made available to read online for free as a digital e-comic for a limited period, spanning between 2 to 3 months, where readers would be able to read and vote for their favourite concept. By the end of the voting period, we tabulate the results and identify the popular concepts.

This entire process may prove to be a year long process. We see this as an opportunity to organise PITCH as an annual event.

Creator(s) whose concept(s) prove popular will have the opportunity to work with us to create, develop and publish the concept as a fully realised graphic novel, one-shot or comic series and make available to readers in digital and print. This will be via a separate contract agreement.

The digital e-comic, PITCH, will go on to be sold online as a digital comic or as print, at our discretion.

The Deal

What You Give

You grant us the right to publish a 12 page comic based on your submission as part of the graphic novel anthology, PITCH.

You grant us the right to use the materials in your submission, including your script, as promotional material and content for the graphic novel anthology, PITCH. You will always be credited as the original concept creator.

No art is required. In fact, we reject any submissions with attached artworks.

What You Get

For submissions that are accepted into the anthology, we pay a fee of US$70.
Payment will be made via Paypal only for international creators.
Local creators residing in Singapore will have more payment options.

We understand that the fee is not much but this is what we can offer at this point in time. We are hoping to start something that has the potential to grow into something bigger and hopefully, become a valuable resource for aspiring writers interested in comic creation.

We produce the comic for your 12 page script submission and put it through a voting system to prove your concept.

You are credited as the writer and concept creator of the comic created.

If your concept proves to be popular among readers who voted on the anthology, we would like to work with you to produce the graphic novel/comic mini-series/one-shot for publishing. This will be via a separate contract agreement, depending on the terms and conditions that parties involved are willing to enter into to get the concept fully realised and published. You are free to accept, reject our offer or negotiate terms. You do not have to commit to developing your concept with us.

You keep all rights to your script and materials. We keep all rights to the art and materials created and developed based on your submission.

We will not develop any material beyond what is required to fulfill the 12 page comic to be included in the anthology, without your express written permission. Materials produced from your submission will be used as content for the PITCH anthology as well as for the promotion of PITCH anthology.

You are free to take your script and pitch it elsewhere. However, do note that you will require our express written permission to pitch using the art we’ve created. We just want to ensure proper credit is given to the art team responsible for the art created.


Here are our submissions guidelines.

For submissions to be considered, your submission package must consist of:

1. A signed submissions agreement form that you can download here.

2. A filled information sheet that you can download here, containing your logline, plot outline, character descriptions etc. This will help facilitate our assessment process.

3. A 12 page comic script formatted in the way as outlined in our sample here.

Email your submission package to us at: irrationalcomicssubmissions@gmail.com with the title – Pitch Anthology 1_your_name

Do not submit without a signed submissions agreement form. We cannot review any submissions without a signed agreement form.

Do not submit any artwork. We are here to take care of that. Submissions with attached artwork will be rejected.

If you have any queries regarding the anthology, please feel free to write to us at:irrationalcomics@gmail.com with the title – Pitch Anthology Query.

We will do our best to answer your questions.

This is our first time attempting something of this nature, a graphic novel anthology catered primarily to writers, taking care of the hassle of assembling an art team to produce the comics. We are starting small but we believe this will serve as a good platform for aspiring writers to begin their first step into comics.We may do good or we may do bad but we hope to streamline the process and make this work for everyone involved.

Thank you and we look forward to your submissions.


Are you only taking submissions that are exactly 12 pages or can it be shorter?

Yes, we are only taking submissions that are exactly 12 pages. If your script is shorter, you can take this opportunity to expand on your script in areas such as plot details, character development etc. If your script is longer, then take this as part of the challenge of the creative brief.

Does the 12-page pitch have to be a complete self-contained story or can it be the prologue of full larger story which could be much longer?

No, the 12 page script does not have to be a self contained story. It can be a prologue to a lengthier story that you have in mind. Or, it can be a condensed version of your full story, “watered down” to just 12 pages. In fact, we encourage these two kinds of submissions.

The reason for this is because we want to help prove your concept with our anthology. This is achieved via the readers’ voting system. Rest assured that we will not develop any material beyond the 12 pages based on your accepted submission without your express written permission. If your 12 page is a prologue, we don’t know the rest of the story. If your script is a condensed version, only you have the voice to tell the fully realized concept as you envisioned.

If we want to work with you to produce your submission in its fully realized format, either as a one-shot, graphic novel or mini-series, we will offer you a separate agreement, essentially a publishing contract, that you can choose to accept, negotiate terms or refuse as mentioned above.

Can I submit more than one submission?

Yes, you can. We advice sending no more than 3 to 4 submissions if you have more than one concept you’ll like to submit. You are free to submit more but do bear in mind that you’ll have to come up with 12 page scripts for all your submissions. Also, we will only accept 1 submission from the same creator. This is because we want to give opportunities to other applicants as well. In the event that your submissions are all good, we’ll ask you to pick the one that you are most confident of being able to complete and have the clearest vision of.

For multiple submissions, email your submission package with the email title as follows:
Pitch Anthology 1_your_name_entry number
eg. Pitch Anthology1_Derek_Chua_01
Pitch Anthology1_Derek_Chua_02

If my script is accepted, would I have any say with the art style chosen for my script?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to give feedback as the comic based on your submission is created but we have the final say in our choice of artists. We seek your kind understanding in this regard. We want this to work for everyone involved. That being said, to get a sense of at least one of the artists on board, you can check out our titles here.

Our submission package also includes an information sheet where you can include your vision and preferred art style. Based on your description, we will look for a suitable art team from our pool of talents that can deliver the art style you are looking for.

Is there a specific art style that is preferred?

No, we love all styles, from Japanese manga to US mainstream superhero to European graphic novels and we will do our best to ensure the right art style is assigned to your script. Our focus is to produce quality work.

Do you accept submissions written by more than one writer?

Yes. You and your writer collaborators will be credited together. All writers involved in the collaborative process should sign the submissions agreement form.

Do you require us to describe character appearances or leave it open ended and let your character designers figure that out?

We require just brief descriptions of the appearances of the characters, the art style that you’ve envisioned for your script, whether it be realistic, cartoony or anime etc.