PITCH 2019

2019_PITCH_cover copyBeast_00 copyBeast_01 copyBeast_02 copyBeast_03 copyEven The Gods Aren't Sacred_00 copyEven The Gods Aren't Sacred_01 copyEven The Gods Aren't Sacred_02 copyEven The Gods Aren't Sacred_03 copyFascists Must Die_00 copyFascists Must Die_01 copyFascists Must Die_02 copyFascists Must Die_03 copyFearscape_00 copyFearscape_01 copyFearscape_02 copyFearscape_03 copyGeronimo_00 copyGeronimo_01 copyGeronimo_02 copyGeronimo_03 copyIncandescent World_00 copyIncandescent World_01 copyIncandescent World_02 copyIncandescent World_03 copyThe Cataloguers_00 copyThe Cataloguers_01 copyThe Cataloguers_02 copyThe Cataloguers_03 copyThe Haunted Head_00 copyThe Haunted Head_01 copyThe Haunted Head_02 copyThe Haunted Head_03 copyTheseusean man_00 copyTheseusean man_01 copyTheseusean man_02 copyTheseusean man_03 copyValley of the Wasps_00 copyValley of the Wasps_01 copyValley of the Wasps_02 copyValley of the Wasps_03 copy

Which concept would you like to see published?
Voting is open now from 5 Nov 2019 to 30 Nov 2019.
Voting has ended. Thank you for your support.

33 thoughts on “PITCH 2019

  1. Neil says:

    Beast has a very interesting story, it captured me instantly. The artwork on this comic is different from the rest and creates a new experience.


    • Abdul Samla says:

      How did the moderators approve of your toxic comment? Calling Dave a “real writer” assuming that everyone else on this website is a fake writer? That is just toxic and uncalled for and your comment should never have gotten past a moderator! It’s people like you that destroy the self confidence of people trying to get out here and do something with their lives.


      • Marilyn says:

        She didn’t say everyone else is a “fake writer”. You’re now putting words in her mouth, which in it of itself, is toxic.


  2. Jonah M says:

    Multiple comments about how facists must die needs to be published. Pretty much the same sentence everytime. On multiple non descriptive accounts. And claim other people must be cheating. Funny. I’m a big fan of beast and the cataloguers, but beast definitely tops it


    • Misty says:

      Non descriptive accounts? It literally only asks for name and email address when writing a comment so what more are you looking for? I’ll be sure to write a paragraph next time to satisfy you?


    • DrCoolbeans says:

      Too bad that comments aren’t calculated instead of votes then, eh? Fascist is 10x a better idea than Beast is, it honestly shouldn’t be close. Beast just doesn’t have any oomph behind it. The art it decent, but that’s not what the contest is about.

      It’s also unfair because other entries like Fearscape and The Cataloguers are better as well but they are getting cut out because of potential cheating.


  3. licentiousaccounts says:

    It is incredibly sad to watch the passion start dimming in someone because of another competitors cheating. Beast will win but not in an honest way so I have no intentions on “reading it”. As it has 3 onomatopoeias as a script I do not think it should even be considered in a WRITING contest..


  4. Kera Hildebrandt says:

    Eh, my entry’s most likely not gonna win, but I was happy to be part of this contest! (Actually have a published credit to my name and I can just post the rest of the script on my portfolio with it.)

    Honestly, if there’s one entry I’d like to see realized, it’s Geronimo. (Love the premise!) Hope it gets published somewhere…


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