PITCH 2018

2018_PITCH_cover copyDreamtime_00 copyDreamtime_01 copyDreamtime_02 copyDreamtime_03 copyDreamtime_04 copyDreamtime_05 copyDreamtime_06 copyDreamtime_07 copyDreamtime_08 copyOsaka Mime_00 copyOsaka Mime_01 copyOsaka Mime_02 copyOsaka Mime_03 copyOsaka Mime_04 copyOsaka Mime_05 copyOsaka Mime_06 copyOsaka Mime_07 copyOsaka Mime_08 copyPantheon's End_00 copyPantheon's End_01 copyPantheon's End_02 copyPantheon's End_03 copyPantheon's End_04 copyPantheon's End_05 copyPantheon's End_06 copyPantheon's End_07 copyPantheon's End_08 copyThe_Goodes_00 copyThe_Goodes_01 copyThe_Goodes_02 copyThe_Goodes_03 copyThe_Goodes_04 copyThe_Goodes_05 copyThe_Goodes_06 copyThe_Goodes_07 copyThe_Goodes_08 copyUndergrown_00 copyUndergrown_01 copyUndergrown_02 copyUndergrown_03 copyUndergrown_04 copyUndergrown_05 copyUndergrown_06 copyUndergrown_07 copyUndergrown_08 copy

Voting is open from now till 15 Feb 2018.
Voting has closed.
Thank you for your readership and support!

11 thoughts on “PITCH 2018

  1. Alex says:

    The concept of Osaka Mime feels like the Japanese version of the film Bright, starring Will Smith. I wouldn’t mind reading that but I would like to see what the creators do in an east-asian context.


  2. Barry says:

    While I found each story interesting and creative, “Osaka Mime” really left me craving more, is this how the mimes feel? The “Unknown enemy” aspect is a personal favourite of mine and really harps back to “It follows” and “The thing” presenting an uneasy element of “You cant trust anyone”!


  3. Bart says:

    Pantheon’s End left me with am unsatiable appetite of where we are, what we are doing, and where we are going. It builds itself great for a short 60pg comic. Great dialogue and pace too. I would love to see it made into a graphic novel. I can’t really compare it to anything because its unique. That would be why i like it then The Goodes a bit more then then osaka mime.


  4. Z says:

    Osaka mime. A interesting concept that I havent seen in a way like this before. I would FOR SURE get if published!!! I rate it a Solid 8/7.9!


  5. Hannah says:

    The Goodes is original and fresh — multilayered in themes and plot, with intriguing characters and a wry wit. A substantial — but also fun and exciting — story. More, please!


  6. David Howick says:

    Osaka Mime!

    It is brilliant dude. Very interesting concept and I think you led into it really well with the description of yourself; where the concept was inspired from. The animations you have put together are really complementing the dialogue too. Subtle visual captions of the hands gripping the steering wheel conveyed the tension at play as i progressed through the comic too. It fed into my own imagination about not really knowing what was around the corner in the story. I love the way the mime is essentially untraceable; other than when the kill takes place I guess. I suppose the corpse being left behind is a red flag that a mime might have been behind the kill but, the mime could have moved on to two other people by then! ‘Elusive killer’ was exactly the right detail to have gone in your description.


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