PITCH 2018

2018_PITCH_cover copyDreamtime_00 copyDreamtime_01 copyDreamtime_02 copyDreamtime_03 copyDreamtime_04 copyDreamtime_05 copyDreamtime_06 copyDreamtime_07 copyDreamtime_08 copyOsaka Mime_00 copyOsaka Mime_01 copyOsaka Mime_02 copyOsaka Mime_03 copyOsaka Mime_04 copyOsaka Mime_05 copyOsaka Mime_06 copyOsaka Mime_07 copyOsaka Mime_08 copyPantheon's End_00 copyPantheon's End_01 copyPantheon's End_02 copyPantheon's End_03 copyPantheon's End_04 copyPantheon's End_05 copyPantheon's End_06 copyPantheon's End_07 copyPantheon's End_08 copyThe_Goodes_00 copyThe_Goodes_01 copyThe_Goodes_02 copyThe_Goodes_03 copyThe_Goodes_04 copyThe_Goodes_05 copyThe_Goodes_06 copyThe_Goodes_07 copyThe_Goodes_08 copyUndergrown_00 copyUndergrown_01 copyUndergrown_02 copyUndergrown_03 copyUndergrown_04 copyUndergrown_05 copyUndergrown_06 copyUndergrown_07 copyUndergrown_08 copy

Voting is open from now till 15 Feb 2018.
Voting has closed.
Thank you for your readership and support!


10 thoughts on “PITCH 2018

  1. Alex says:

    The concept of Osaka Mime feels like the Japanese version of the film Bright, starring Will Smith. I wouldn’t mind reading that but I would like to see what the creators do in an east-asian context.


  2. Barry says:

    While I found each story interesting and creative, “Osaka Mime” really left me craving more, is this how the mimes feel? The “Unknown enemy” aspect is a personal favourite of mine and really harps back to “It follows” and “The thing” presenting an uneasy element of “You cant trust anyone”!


  3. Bart says:

    Pantheon’s End left me with am unsatiable appetite of where we are, what we are doing, and where we are going. It builds itself great for a short 60pg comic. Great dialogue and pace too. I would love to see it made into a graphic novel. I can’t really compare it to anything because its unique. That would be why i like it then The Goodes a bit more then then osaka mime.


  4. Z says:

    Osaka mime. A interesting concept that I havent seen in a way like this before. I would FOR SURE get if published!!! I rate it a Solid 8/7.9!


  5. Hannah says:

    The Goodes is original and fresh — multilayered in themes and plot, with intriguing characters and a wry wit. A substantial — but also fun and exciting — story. More, please!


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