PITCH 2017

00_PITCH_cover copy.png

A comic anthology featuring the concepts of 5 budding comic writers.
We created five 12 page comics based on the script/concept of five aspiring comic writers. These 12 pages serve as prologues or the first pages of a larger story that the writers intend to tell. As a reader, which concept are you most interested in? Which comic do you want to see published in its entirety?

Vote for your favorite concept!
We want to publish the comic you would like to read!


Voting is open from now till 15 May 2017.
Thank you for your readership and support!

The good folks at Deconstructing Comics Podcast
have recorded critiques for the featured prototype comics.

Visit this link to hear what they have to say about the Climb by Phu Vuong.


Visit this link to hear what they have to say about Good or Dead by Louis Png
and Solus by Dan Amariles.

As creators, we are always open to hearing your feedback and critique so we can grow and put out better comics for your enjoyment.

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