Kitsune: Assassin For Hire issue 10 is out now! A celebratory double sized 40 page issue!

We are super excited to announce the release of the 10th issue of our ongoing adult comic series, Kitsune: Assassin For Hire! To celebrate the 10th issue, the comic is double-sized at 40 pages, including 36 pages of sequential art, as well as 4 pages of pinup art from various artists such as Alan Bay, Bubbledriver and series creator, Derek Chua. Please enjoy the preview pages and pinup art below!

Kitsune_10_00 copyKitsune_10_01 copyKitsune_10_02 copyKitsune_10_03 copyKitsune_10_pinup02Kitsune_10_pinup01Kitsune_10_37 copy

Thank you so much for your readership and support! We will continue to produce entertaining and quality comics for your enjoyment. You can get the digital comic now at Drivethru. The digital comic will be made available on Comixology in due time.

P.S. The last pinup is NSFW.


SOLUS – PITCH 2017 concept announcement

It’s been a while since we last updated on the PITCH 2017 anthology that was released earlier this year. For folks who are unaware, you can check out the online anthology here. We are planning the open call for the second PITCH anthology and details will be released very soon!

We are proud to announce the concept that we will be developing into a full graphic novel spanning 80 to 100 pages. As the title mentions, the concept is SOLUS by writer Dan Amariles. We find Dan’s story and writing to be excellent, with tremendous potential for success and we are very happy to have this opportunity to work with him on SOLUS.
PITCH_solus copyThe main reason for the delay in our update is because I wanted to have something good to show when we do make updates. The concept is still under development but I am very excited to show you what we have produced thus far. Please enjoy these first preview pages of SOLUS.

Solus_01 copySolus_02 copySolus_03 copySolus_04 copySolus_05 copySolus_06 copySolus_07 copy

We are aiming to release SOLUS in 2018. Thank you for your interest and support in what we do here at Irrational Comics.

– Derek

Closing of Polls for our PITCH anthology


Polls for our PITCH anthology have officially closed. Thank you readers for your votes! For new readers, don’t fret. You can still read the anthology of prototype comics here. There will be updates on the concept that we have chosen to offer our publishing contract to. We are very excited for what is to come. Do check back on our progress as we work on developing, producing and publishing the final product from PITCH.

Kitsune: Assassin For Hire #7 is out now

Here to announce the release of the 7th issue of our ongoing adult title, Kitsune: Assassin For Hire. Check out the preview pages below!

Kitsune_07_00 copyKitsune_07_02 copyKitsune_07_10 copyKitsune_07_15 copy

We sure raised the production quality with this issue. It is important to us that we deliver the best that we can give to you, our valued reader. Thank you so much for your support in what we do. You can purchase the digital comic pdf via Drivethru. Like before, the comic will be made available on Comixology in due time. Cheers!

Climb gets a critique by Deconstructing Comics Podcast


One of the prototype comics in our PITCH anthology, Climb, by writer Phu Vuong, was featured and critiqued by the good folks at Deconstructing Comics Podcast. Check out what they have to say here.

We are extremely thankful to Tim and Mulele, the hosts on the podcast, for taking time from their busy schedule to give us valuable feedback on our work. They raised several valid points and gave us constructive criticisms that will help shape our growth and development as comic creators. If you have an interest in making comics or are interested in the critique of comics, we invite you to listen to their podcast. Cheers!