Roleplayers #8

Dear reader, thank you for your kind patience. Please enjoy the preview pages of Roleplayers #8 below.

DD_08_pg00 copyDD_08_pg01 copyDD_08_pg02 copyDD_08_pg03 copyDD_08_pg04 copyDD_08_pg05 copyDD_08_pg06 copyDD_08_pg07 copyDD_08_pg08 copy

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Kitsune: Assassin For Hire issue 11 is available now on Comixology and Drivethru

It’s been a long wait but we are pleased to present the 11th issue of our on-going mature comic series, Kitsune: Assassin For Hire. This issue includes a bonus black and white pinup art as well. Please enjoy the preview pages below!

cover_11Kitsune_11_01 copyKitsune_11_02 copyKitsune_11_03 copyKitsune_11_04 copyKitsune_11_05 copy

You can get the digital comic on Comixology now.

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Best Comics of 2017: An International Perspective feature


” It is not everyday that you find your comic featured in an article on a website. It is a rarity, particularly for a small publishing imprint such as Irrational Comics to get sizable attention in the market or industry.  I am grateful, truly, truly grateful to learn that one of the comics I put out is featured on Paul Gravett‘s website, under the post, Best Comics of 2017: An International Perspective: Year in Review.

Paul Gravett is a man of many talents, editing, curating, publishing and promoting comics since 1981. You can find out more of what he has accomplished and books he has edited, written and published on his biography. Personally, I am most inspired by his involvement with Escape Magazine in 1983. Leveraging on past experiences working at pssst! magazine and equipped with a keen eye for talent, Paul helped promote many creators in the UK independent comic scene, co-editing and publishing a comic magazine of alternative, diverse and unique stories. To create a similar comic journal/magazine for Singapore is an aspiration of mine.

Having my work on his site is truly an honor. Thank you Mr Gravett, and thank you, Cheng Tju for this great opportunity. Please click on the link to go to the article and check out all the featured comics that are listed. You have my deepest appreciation.”


Voting for PITCH 2018 has closed!

Thank you readers for your votes! The polls have closed and we will get in touch with the various writer contributors on the next phase of PITCH, specifically to produce one of the chosen prototype comic in its fully realized form for your enjoyment. Contributing writers can expect us to get in touch before March 2018. Cheers!

Roleplayers #6 is out now!

We are excited to announce the release of the 6th issue of Roleplayers! Back by popular demand, this issue marks the start of a new story arc as the Roleplayers begin another adventure in the imaginary world of Damsels In Dungeons! Please enjoy the preview pages below.

RP_06_pg00 copyRP_06_pg01 copyRP_06_pg02 copyRP_06_pg03 copyRP_06_pg04 copyRP_06_pg05 copyRP_06_pg06 copyRP_06_pg07 copyRP_06_pg08 copy

The digital comic is available for purchase at Comixology. Thank you for your continued support and interest in the title!

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