Kitsune: Assassin For Hire

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Action, Mature, Martial Arts

Kitsune: Assassin For Hire is an adult comic series for mature readers and follows the exploits of a female assassin in the pre-modern Japan era.

#1 The peasants of a small tief enlists the aid of a legendary assassin who goes by the name of Kitsune, to rid them of the tyrannical rule of their Daimyo.

This issue is now available as a digital comic via Comixology.

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#2 The assassin, Kitsune, ventures into a nearby town after assassinating a Daimyo of the neighbouring province. By coincidence, she runs into an old face from her past. Meanwhile, the Shogun, supreme military ruler of the land, is none too pleased that a Daimyo is assassinated under his watch…

This issue is available as a digital comic pdf via Comixology.

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#3 Things heat up in the winter cold as the agents of the Shogun, Oni and Jubei converge on Kitsune’s location, determined and unrelentless in their quest to slay the assassin.

The digital comic pdf is available via Comixology.

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#4 Against overwhelming odds, Kitsune fights her way through to face the traitor, Oni. The final showdown between the last surviving members of clan Choga begins. Fox versus Demon… who will emerge victorious?

The digital comic pdf is available via Comixology.


#5 The last member of clan Choga remains. Kitsune has delivered vengeance to the traitor, Oni. But before this ordeal is over, she has to face the famed swordsman, Yagyu Jubei. Battered and bruised, will the assassin, Kitsune, be able to survive this bout against the Shogun’s prized swordsman?

The digital comic pdf is available via Comixology.


Surviving the Shogun’s first wave of warriors sent to claim her life, the legendary assassin, Kitsune, following the advice of master swordsman, Yagyu Jubei, embarks on a journey to Kyoto. Threading the path of vigilante, rebel and hired killer, the road to the capital cannot be a smooth-sailing one. At her first stop, the assassin finds herself getting involved in an investigation to hunt down a serial killer in town…

You can get the digital comic via Comixology.

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The serial killer has been found but he is not leaving peacefully with the authorities. In desperation, he makes his last stand and proves to be too overwhelming for the constables to handle.

Not for the assassin, Kitsune…

The digital comic pdf is available for purchase via Comixology.

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The journey to Kyoto is long and funds are running low for the assassin known as Kitsune. Unfortunately for her, no one is hiring a killer… but there might be some work in town.

You can purchase the digital comic via Drivethru now.