Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, we have compiled a list of questions frequently asked. If you have any questions, do send us an email and we will do our best to have your queries answered.


Are your comics available in print or just digital only?
As a small press, we focus mostly on making our comics available on digital platforms. We are not in a position of strength yet to ship or distribute physical books internationally.

However, we are exploring options to make our comics available in print for our readers. You can check out our titles on Imozzo for the physical copies. They are able to take care of delivery for international orders but the books may cost more due to shipping.

We also do very small print runs to sell at local fairs and conventions.

Do you accept submissions?
Thank you for your interest in working with us. Unfortunately, we are currently not accepting submissions. However, this may change in the future so do check back with us.

Yes. We are currently accepting submissions for our graphic novel anthology, PITCH.
You can find out more here.

Roleplayers Series

What is Roleplayers?
Roleplayers is an original comic series about a group of tabletop roleplay gamers and their misadventures in game and in life. Elliot, Mordecai, Wei and Ben are college students in a roleplay gaming club who shun campus life, mostly keeping to themselves and their game campaign. When Cassie, an attractive girl joins their club, the group finds their campaign and lives taking a dramatic turn through a winding pathway of emotional highs and lows.

At the core of the title, the comic is a love letter to tabletop roleplaying.

Why are the characters the way that they are?
As the title of the series suggests, the main characters are the players in the RPG club itself and that includes the two new female members, Cassie and Sally in addition to the group of 4 boys, Elliot, Mordecai, Wei and Ben.

The characters are inspired by people that the creator has interacted with in life and at the gaming table. In order to capture authenticity of the tabletop roleplay experience, the characters have to embody certain qualities of real life players. However, to exaggerate scenarios and instill humor, the characters have to fit into certain stereotypes and player archetypes. Hopefully by the end of the 5 issue mini series, readers will be able to learn that there is more to the characters than their perceived stereotypical molds.

Who would Roleplayers appeal to?
The series was created for people who would like to read and enjoy entertaining content about tabletop roleplaying, a very specific genre of gaming. But we think that the comic series is casual, entertaining and light enough for the general audience of comic book readers to receive and enjoy.

Why are all the player characters female?
In the comic, the players play a game called Damsels in Dungeons, which is a parody of Dungeons and Dragons. The game rules are such that players can only play as female characters. It is intended for humor, the irony being that the boys have exactly no idea how to play as female characters.

What’s up with the huge boobs?
Most of the female player characters are well-endowed, a result of the fantasy imagination of the male players, who being adolescent, hot-blooded boys, tend to overly-sexualise their characters with huge assets and scantily-clad wear. In contrast, the female player characters played by the girls are more clothed. Cassandra is fully armored while Sylvia has a fashionable top.

Also, the girls themselves are drawn more realistically, with body types closer to real life females.

I’m a female reader. Would I be offended by the content of this comic?
Hopefully not. If you read the comic, you will probably realize that Cassie and Sally are the stars of the group, being better players than the “veteran” boys and saving the group at critical moments, more than once.

Is the comic an on-going series?
At this point in time, Roleplayers is a 5 issue mini series comic. There is potential to make the series on-going but we will have to decide that based on sales and popularity.

Why are the digital comics priced differently on the different platforms?
Because we see the products offered as being different. On Comixology, the digital comics are slightly more expensive because of the Guided View and in-app library features offered by Comixology.

On other platforms, the digital comics offered are good image quality pdfs which may or may not be watermarked depending on the platform, hence the lower price.

Depending on the platform, we may or may not be able to offer free issues of the digital comic. In any case, we do offer issues to read for free online either via ISSUU or Publitas links so readers can get a sense of what they are getting before making a purchase. Of course, the free online versions are of lower resolution and image quality compared to the ones on the distribution platforms.