Kitsune: Assassin For Hire #03 out now!

The 3rd issue of our mature series title, Kitsune: Assassin For Hire, is out now. Thank you for your patience. The first 8 pages of the issue are featured below.

Kitsune_03_00 copyKitsune_03_01 copyKitsune_03_02 copyKitsune_03_03 copyKitsune_03_04 copyKitsune_03_05 copyKitsune_03_06 copyKitsune_03_07 copyKitsune_03_08 copy

To learn Tanuki’s fate and what lies in the future of Kitsune as the agents of the Shogun, Oni and Jubei converge on her location, you can get the digital pdf comic via Drivethru comics. Like before, the digital comic will be made available on Comixology in due time. Thank you for your support!


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