Irrational Journal: New Year, New Titles

A happy new year to all our readers and collaborators! We are very excited to announce that we will be putting out not 1 but 2 new comic titles in 2016. Both titles have little in common except that they are both made with lots of love and passion. Without further ado, we present to you:

Kitsune: Assassin For Hire & Socute the Corgi

Kitsune: Assassin For Hire is a comic mini series that follows the exploits of a female assassin who goes by the name, Kitsune. Set in pre-modern Japan, a time when the Shogun ruled the land and Samurai and ninjas abound, this is a title that is geared for an adult matured audience due to the depiction of violence and sexual scenes.

Socute the Corgi, on the other hand, is a comic series about the adventures of a brave and fun-loving corgi dog. It is an all-ages title that is designed to entertain children and adults alike. Hopefully, readers will find the series an amusing and heart-warming title to read.

We are currently in the midst of making the first issues available on Comixology while we set about producing more issues for the rest of the year. Please watch this space as we release preview pages of our titles in due time or like us on our facebook page to keep updated on our news.

Thank you for your interest in our works. Once again, we wish everyone a great year ahead in 2016. Cheers!


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