Roleplayers #05 is out!


With this issue, we want to celebrate reaching a milestone in our self publishing foray. Roleplayers #05 marks the end of the first story arc and the end of the 5 issue mini series that we have planned since the beginning of 2015. We certainly do see the potential of Roleplayers as an ongoing series but at this point in time, we’ll be taking a break from this title and shift our focus on other comic projects that we are looking to put out in 2016.

Unlike our other previous issues, Roleplayers #05 will not be free to read. We have a 9 page preview via publitas and issuu while the full digital comic will be available for purchase via Drivethru first and in Comixology in due time. This will help us gauge reader interest level and decide whether Roleplayers will be commercially viable to continue as a series.

We thank you so much for your support throughout the year in seeing us reach this proud moment. Naturally, we hope you enjoy this comic as much as we have enjoyed producing it for your entertainment. Cheers!

Read the preview via ISSUU:

Or via Publitas:

Purchase the full digital comic via Drivethru here.


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