Irrational Journal: Top Cow Talent Hunt 2015 Winners

Irrational Journal is our way of connecting with readers by having our creators and staff share their thoughts about their creative process, insights about the industry and other random musings. In our first post, we have Derek Chua, creator of Roleplayers share his thoughts on the recent announcement of winners of Top Cow’s Talent Hunt.

“I am very excited to share my thoughts on Top Cow’s most recent talent hunt. For readers who are unaware of who or what Top Cow is, Top Cow Productions is an American comics publisher, founded by superstar comics artist Marc Silvestri and is responsible for the publication of various awesome titles such as Witchblade and The Darkness.

As primarily an art-centric creator, I tend to put more focus on the visual side of things and I am very heartened to see the diversity in art styles of the artist winners from the Talent Hunt. You can check out the amazing sequentials here:

To be honest, I was quite apprehensive about the Talent Hunt because I was worried that there would be a preference for aesthetics that are more reminiscent of comics in the 90s. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw the diversity of the winning pieces. I think Top Cow is being very forward thinking to award opportunities to up and coming artists with unique distinct styles as opposed to favoring artists who employ styles that imitate Jim Lee or Marc Silvestri himself.

I am also very happy to learn that Kelly Bender, a writer that I’ve recently had the opportunity to talk to at a local comics bazaar,  is one of the winners in the writer category. From our interaction, I can sense a lot of positivity, determination, enthusiasm and love for the comics medium in him. All these qualities that I’ve mentioned are key qualities that I believe every creator has to possess in order to succeed not just in the comics industry, but also in life in general. His success is  reaffirmation and encouragement to me in my pursuit to become a successful comics creator. Congratulations and well done, Kelly!”

Derek Chua


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